Hmm, that is a pickle. If only there was a pipeline route stretching all the way across the United States, from around the Bakken vicinity in the north to our refineries in the south.
Check it out:

In addendum to my earlier post about this afternoon’s Keystone XL pipeline news from the State Department, President Obama’s own administration just can’t seem to furnish him with enough excellent reasons to quit messing around with the pipeline’s fate and finally sign off on just the sort of infrastructure project he’s always insisting can help spur job creation and create wealth. In just the past few years, the United States’ energy outlook has radically changed as technological innovations (read: fracking) have sparked a shale oil-and-gas boom. While we’re approaching record levels of domestic oil-and-gas production, the industry expanded so quickly that it pretty much leapfrogged the shipping capacity available to transport those products.