Check this out:

CBS News did a report on an especially unpleasant aspect of ObamaCare’s “doc shock,” which is the unraveling of Barack Obama’s Second Big Lie, “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.” No, you can’t, and doctors are becoming quite vocal about point out how bad this problem has become:

As mentioned last week, the ObamaCare commissars are thinking about issuing some new edicts that would force provider networks to include more doctors, which will in turn raise those already horrific “Affordable” Care Act premiums even higher. After watching them try to spin job losses from ObamaCare as a wonderful opportunity for people to seek personal fulfillment at taxpayer expense, I expect the Democrats will soon realize “doc shock” is too expensive to legislate away, and begin spinning it as a positive benefit that will minimize confusion by organizing the citizen-cattle into smaller networks. Besides, one doctor’s as good as another to the eye of a distant bureaucrat.