Decline in all.
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While USDA’s latest farm income projections indicate an overall decline in net farm income of around 26.6 percent in 2014, there are some positive projections in the report, especially for livestock producers.

“Livestock receipts are up marginally,” said USDA Chief Economist Joe Glauber. “They’re up at $183.4 billion. It’s the first time in a long while that we’ve seen livestock and crop receipts at around roughly the same magnitude.”

Crop receipts are projected at $189.4 billion in 2014, down more than 12 percent and back to pre-2011 levels. According to the report, declines in cash receipts are expected for almost all major crop categories, including food grain, feed, oil, fruits/tree nuts, and vegetables/melons. Large anticipated declines in the 2014 price for corn are impacting farmers’ decisions regarding other major crops.

USDA is projecting a 0.7 percent increase in livestock receipts in 2014. For cattle and calves, steady receipts are projected due to lower production levels. Additionally, USDA is forecasting a decline in beef and veal export quantities in 2014.