New IRS Commissioner John Koskinen told lawmakers earlier this month the lack of funding is having an impact on service to the taxpayers.
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The latest trouble for the Internal Revenue Service has emerged from a Treasury Inspector General report, which reveals some senior IRS executives should have paid taxes on expenses they ran up for out-of- town travel.

Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, is furious.

“Here were the top people doing what no other citizen can do,” Jordan told Fox. “You underreport income, you don’t pay your taxes, you can’t get away with it. And yet the very people who run the IRS were doing just that.”

The IRS issued a statement saying, “Cutting costs is a top priority, and the IRS has put in place a number of steps to reduce expenses involving executive travel. The IRS agreed with (the Inspector General report’s) recommendations and has put in place new steps to prevent future issues in this area.”

Meanwhile, the IRS has been complaining about a lack of resources.