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Check it out:

War on Women alert! Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid just called a female leukemia patient a liar. He evidently believes countless other women across the country who have reported unsatisfactory experiences with ObamaCare are liars, too.

You’d think Democrats would learn the importance of throwing a blanket over Harry Reid until they squeak through a tough election. This is not the desirable Face of the Party for such a… delicate moment. I doubt many imperiled 2014 Democrats – such as Sen. Kay Hagan of North Carolina, who dodged her own press conference to avoid answering questions about ObamaCare – are going to embrace Reid’s tactic of claiming all the ObamaCare horror stories are false. ”You’re all lying scumbag tools of the Koch Brothers, now vote for me” is not a winning campaign slogan. Neither is “I sign off on monster bills I don’t understand, and that’s why you must return me to Congress.”