Throwing jobs of the cliff also.
Check it out:

Jim Geraghty of National Review remembers when Democrats responded to sensible Medicare reforms by depicting House Budget chair Paul Ryan throwing an old lady off a cliff, and wonders if they’ll have the intellectual consistency to caricature HHS Secretary Kathleen “Whatever” Sebelius doing the same thing, since unlike Ryan she really did just implement massive cuts to a program for the elderly. Of course, he knows the answer to that challenge. I expect any senior citizen unhappy with the loss of home health care services to be called a stinking, filthy liar and puppet of the Koch Brothers by Harry Reid within hours of speaking up.

Not only will services to the elderly be cut by this move, but as Jim Angle of Fox News reports, it will end up killing hundreds of thousands of jobs. Advance warning: if you work in this industry, and your company folds up because of ObamaCare, Harry Reid will call you a stinking liar.