They can’t just be approved here must be approved there also.
Check it out:

China’s approval process for GMO grains has become “overly political,” “unpredictable and nontransparent”, an American industry group said on Thursday, in the strongest criticism of Beijing’s biotech policy since China began rejecting thousands of tonnes of genetically modified corn last year.

“In recent years, China’s biotech approval process has gone from being slow but predictable to even slower, unpredictable and nontransparent,” said the American Chamber of Commerce in a policy report.

China is the world’s top importer of soybeans and among the top importers of corn.

All of its soybean imports are genetically modified. However, it rejected around a fifth of its corn imports last year after they were found to contain Syngenta’s MIR612 gene, which has not been approved by Beijing.