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The State Department is being flooded with hundreds of thousands of public comments as interest groups try to make it under a Friday deadline to weigh in on State’s review of the Keystone XL oil pipeline.

The 30-day public comment period ends on Friday, after which agencies will have 60 days to discuss whether the $5.4 billion pipeline is in the national interest.

Environmental groups are trying to highlight the issue with the submission of comments from more than 1 million people on Friday. Activists and environmentalists, including the groups CREDO, Energy Action Coalition, Sierra Club and, will march the comments over on Friday.

“If Secretary Kerry truly believes that climate change is a weapon of mass destruction — then he must oppose the carbon bomb that is Keystone XL,” said Elijah Zarlin, senior campaign manager at CREDO.

Zarlin also suggested demonstrators are prepared to be arrested if President Obama approves the pipeline.