To stop the cheating and fraud.
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Food stamp rumble: House appropriators will explore the Agriculture Department’s fiscal 2015 budget request with a rare Friday hearing.

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack will be joined by Joseph Glauber, chief economist at Agriculture, and Michael Young, the agency’s budget officer, during the hearing that could turn to Republican concerns about the food stamp program.

On Thursday, Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) expressed concern that states are gaming the system to avoid the $8.6 billion in cuts that Congress authorized under the recently enacted farm bill law.

“Since the passage of the farm bill, states have found ways to cheat, once again, on signing up people for food stamps,” Boehner said. “And so I would hope that the House would act to try to stop this cheating and this fraud from continuing.”

Several states, including New York and Pennsylvania, are raising home-heating subsidies to prevent the loss of benefits from the food stamp program formally called the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).