Obama has proven to be wishy-washy on many things.
Check it out:

The top Republican on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee accused the Obama administration on Sunday of showing “wishy-washiness” toward Russian President Vladimir Putin as he attempts to take control of a Ukraine peninsula.

Tennessee Sen. Bob Corker said Secretary of State John Kerry is sending the wrong message by saying Putin’s military troops taking control of facilities in the Crimea peninsula was “not a threat” and “nothing personal.”

“Our administration has created an air of permissiveness,” Corker told “Fox News Sunday.” “We have to show more resolve. It’s not helpful. It shows wishy-washiness.”

Putin has sent troops into the region amid Ukraine’s political upheaval and has defended his efforts by saying he is trying to protect Russian interests in Crimea amid widespread protests, which last month led to the ouster of pro-Russian Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovych.