Doesn’t really help the thought that all politicians are crooks does it.
Check it out:

It’s been an interesting couple of days for the Democrat Party, from coast to coast. We’ve got the mayor of Charlotte, NC busted for rather theatrical acts of corruption. (Putting a wad of illicit cash next to his ear and fanning the bills, in front of undercover FBI agents? Sheesh.) The offices of Democrat state assemblyman William Scarborough in New York were just raided by the FBI, following allegations that he abused the state’s travel voucher system. Illinois state representative Keith Farnham resigned on Wednesday, citing “serious health issues,” one of which might be stress over the seizure of his computers in a federal child pornography investigation. And all sorts of questions are being asked about Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s use of campaign funds to purchase handmade jewelry from his granddaughter, who is also apparently enjoying very favorable treatment from some big Reid donors in Nevada.