Check it out:

That’s right, kids! The lifeclocks in your palms are all turning red, as today is Lastday for ObamaCare. Renewal on the Carousel of bloated premiums, high out-of-pocket expenses, restricted provider networks, and all-out administrative chaos is mandatory, unless you check off the box that says ObamaCare itself is a hardship that justifies an extension of your ObamaCare deadline.

Unfortunately, in order to check that box and request your deadline extension, you’ll have to log into the bugtastic ObamaCare website, which went down this morning – perfect symbolism for the ongoing disaster of ObamaCare. The incompetent boobs who manage this train wreck couldn’t even put an accurate countdown clock on the website – it’s behaving erratically, and currently says you have over 16 days until the March 31 deadline arrives. One of the chief perpetrators of this disaster, Ezekiel Emanuel, had to be informed live on the air that the site was down… while he was in the middle of crowing that several hundred million dollars of fixes to the $600 million system had finally wiped out all the bugs.