The FDA’s intention of curving obesity was well intentioned, but their food-banning strategy was misguided and would prove ineffective.
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Has the Food and Drug Administration made French fries enemy number one?

Carlos Gutierrez, formerly secretary of commerce under President George W. Bush and president, chairman and chief executive officer of Kellogg Co., warned members of the audience at the Annual Food Marketing Conference on Tuesday that the FDA has launched an all-out attack on the food industry.

MLive Media Group reported that Gutierrez advised attendees not to sit back and watch the FDA regulate them out of business, but to fight back against the government agency.

“You need to defend your brands, your businesses, your company, what you do, and have pride in the fact that we have in the United States probably the safest and best food-value chain in the world,” said Gutierrez. “And don’t let anybody convince you of any different than that.”