Pretty sure if someone working for the cartel did some of this they would be found under a rock somewhere….
Check it out:

“ATF’s dangerous tactics may actually be increasing crime in your neighborhood,” House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) said at Wednesday’s hearing on the agency’s undercover storefront operations.

Jones first took over the helm of the agency as acting director and later as its first director since the wake of Operation Fast and Furious with the task to “change the culture at ATF and to move the agency in the right direction,” Issa said. “This was no small task. Two and a half years into his tenure, it is safe to say the ATF still has a long way to go.”

In Operation Fearless, not only did ATF agents allow convicted felons to leave the store with guns, but the storefront itself was burglarized, “and $39,000 worth of merchandise was stolen – all because the ATF neglected to install an alarm system,” Issa noted.