Earlier this fall, putting together the framework for the 2012 Farm Bill was on the fast track. However, those efforts were derailed in late November when the Joint Select Committee on the Budget shut down because they were not able to come up with the budget cuts that Congress had mandated them to move forward.

Despite that, at the Farm Bill Conference Meeting held in Fargo in November, some insight as to what the Obama administration is looking forward to in the new farm legislation was highlighted by Michael Scuse, USDA’s Deputy Under Secretary for Farm and Foreign Agricultural Services.

“American agriculture, at this time, is going through some very, very good times,” Scuse said. “There is no doubt that this next farm bill will be smaller than the last farm bill. In this environment of constrained resources, we must look for ways to do more with less. That means taking a hard look at how we are running farm bill programs today and figuring out what provides the best value for all Americans.”