So March was worse than February, which was supposed to be inexplicably weak due to the stunning discovery that the global-warming nuts are wrong and winter is still cold… and that’s good news?
Check it out:

In an America of diminished expectations, we’re apparently expected to celebrate when job creation keeps pace with population growth. The March unemployment report was (of course) “unexpectedly” weak, and the headline unemployment rate remained stuck at a dismal 6.7 percent years into an alleged “recovery,” but the workforce didn’t shrink, so yay.

Feel the fierce urgency of “meh” from this Associated Press report:

U.S. employers added jobs at a solid pace in March in the latest sign that the economy is rebounding from a weak stretch brought on by a harsh winter.

The Labor Department says employers added 192,000 jobs, slightly below February’s total of 197,000. Employers also added a combined 37,000 more jobs in February and January than previously estimated.