The rally was well organized and a huge success.
Check it out:

More than a year after the New York governor’s landmark gun control law was enacted, thousands of New Yorkers poured into the state house in Albany to protest his governance and leadership.

“There is nothing about the SAFE Act that makes us safer,” said Robert P. “Rob” Astorino (R-Mount Pleasant), executive of Westchester County and candidate for governor 2014.

Astorino, who spoke to the crowd state police estimate at 3500, said the people were energized and enthusiastic about the Second Amendment. “It’s an issue that deals with individual rights and cuts across the political spectrum.”

It was also a diverse crowd, he said. “With many women, minorities and children.”

Kenneth V. F. Blanchard, who is an internet radio broadcaster and one of the featured speakers, said the state police underestimated the crowd numbers. “There was probably 12,000 people there.”