Name one entitlement program that does not require photo ID.
Check it out:

A judge for the Pulaski County Circuit Court for the 6th Division on Thursday struck down [opinion] an Arkansas voter ID law, finding that it violates the state constitution. In the order granting summary judgment to the Pulaski County Election Commission, Judge Tim Fox found Act 595 violates Article 3 §1 and Article 3 U§2 of the Arkansas constitution. The law requires that voters present a limited range of government forms of identification. Voters without ID must cast provisional ballots, then go to the county clerk to affirm that they are “indigent” and cannot afford to buy the proper identification. The State Board of Election Commissioners and Arkansas Attorney General Dustin McDaniel plan to appeal the decision. The ACLU of Arkansas has filed a separate lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the law.