Hey protesters, the oil is not standing still; it’s out of the ground and riding the rail down to Texas.

Canadian Ambassador to the U.S. Gary Doer says, “He is very disappointed with the President’s latest decision to delay ‘indefinitely’, the keystone XL pipeline, probably till after the mid-term elections. We were hoping that the approval would come through so we could start now during the construction season.”

“We have more oil now, coming down to the United States than before. Every single day there’s more oil coming down but by rail. As the State Dept. indicated this is not Climate Change neutral with it coming on rail, it means higher emissions, higher risks and higher costs. It doesn’t make any [logical sense] to delay or deny the pipeline when it would eliminate these risks.” It sure sounds like politics being played.

The Keystone pipeline is supposed to send 830 thousand barrels of oil a day from the Canadian tar sands from Alberta, 1700 miles, to refiners in Texas.

Supporters say it will create an estimated 42,000 jobs and pump billions of dollars into the economy if it is ever built.

Protesters in DC this weekend against the pipeline being built demanded the President kill it not delay it! They warned Keystone will harm the environment and increase global warming.

Studies done by the State Dept. have said the environmental impact will be minimal. The Administration is using the Nebraska state Supreme courts eventual ruling as their stalling technique.

This recent delay has incited, Terry O’Sullivan, President of Laborers International Union, and he issued this statement. “It’s not the oil that’s dirty, it’s the politics. Once again the administration is making a political calculation instead of doing what is right for the country. This certainly is no example of profiles in courage.”

Some predict that if Keystone does get approved it will still take (up to 10) years to complete. Put Into perspective it will have been delayed (longer than) it took to fight wars: WWI & WWII, the civil war and to build the trans-continental railroad that was completed in 1869.

I’d like to point out that a lot of the pipeline has already been built. The southern portion which was recommended to be fast tracked by President Obama is complete. I think his picture is still on the website with him in front of those pipes. The Northern route in Canada has obviously been built and then we have the missing link at the border. “The authority for the President is the border at Montana. Montana has already approved this so let’s get on with it,” says AMB. Gary Doer.

“Three years ago the environmentalist industry claimed that if the pipeline wasn’t built the oil would stay in the ground and that would be good for the environment. They have been proven wrong! It is coming down every day on rail. When people go out their doors and see the tankard cars flowing through their cities, it is because the pipeline has been delayed and this is the alternate route.”

Ambassador Doer says, “The President and the Prime Minister are looking at energy efficiency on light vehicles which are perceived to be the best strategy on Climate Change. We have energy “in-efficiency” by not approving the pipeline with higher emissions [on rail] and more dangerous the 500 trucks a day in North Dakota and Montana.”

Another impact here that is not being addressed is the issue of National Security. We see what is going on in Ukraine and how Europe is in bondage to Russia because they are getting over 35% of their gas from Russia who calls the shots.

Some of the countries supplying oil to the U.S. don’t like us, but Canada is our ally. Ambassador Doer says, “We (Canada) believe that energy independence in our neighborhood is good for leverage with Russia and less dependency on Venezuela and the Middle East.”

“While we wait for the President’s decision there are two proposed pipelines to the West coast which goes to Asia. There are also two to the East coast. We are not standing still nor is the oil! It’s coming just on rail.”

Last comment from Canadian Ambassador Gary Doer to President Obama: “The pipeline creates good paying jobs so choose blue collar workers and hard hats over checks from Hollywood celebrities.”

I say listen to the people Mr. Obama, make a decision to do what is right and good for our country, the one you took an oath to serve.

Eleven Democrats already signed a letter in support of the pipeline and 65% of the steel pipe for the project would come from the U.S.; this is a win-win situation logically so quit playing politics with the livelihood of America using the Keystone XL pipeline as your wild card.