It often appears that a major role of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) is to play “defense” against all the bad policy, press and public opinion that exists. While this is a role of the organization, it is not its only function. I also learned during the Cattle Industry Summer Conference that they also focus on “offensive” tactics like spreading the good word about the nutritional benefits of beef.

Scott George, a producer from Cody, Montana who is also a Vice President of NCBA, explains:

“From the defensive portion we’re looking at some ag policy issues. Some of those are trade issues. We’ve been trying to get South Korean free trade agreement, the Panama free trade agreement and Colombian free trade agreement passed,” said George. “For nearly six years now they’ve been hanging on the fence and they have tremendous opportunity for our beef producers. If we can get those approved, we could start exporting produce to those countries that would help our producers