Several recent news stories serve as reminders that ranchers can find themselves on the front lines in the fight against crime, and need to be aware of potential danger.

This week, authorities credited Nevada rancher Demar Dahl with aiding the apprehension of a young couple suspected for multiple murders. Logan McFarland and Angela Atwood, described in some media accounts as a “modern-day Bonnie and Clyde,” allegedly killed an elderly Utah couple during a burglary, drove a stolen car to Nevada and shot and seriously wounded another woman in an attempt to steal her car.

Mr. Dahl, who is a pilot, was aware the fugitives could be in the area of his ranch, as the police had pursued them into the area before losing them in the mountains near Oasis, Nev. While flying over his ranch checking cattle, Dahl kept his eyes peeled, spotted the couple and contacted authorities, who arrested them without incident.