It’s not the “gun” part of the “nut with a gun” scenario that scares me; it’s the “nut” part – just like it would be for a “nut with a knife” or a “nut with a ball bat.”

The young man in Santa Barbara was behaving strangely; strangely enough that his family called the cops because they were alarmed about his Internet postings. He was also in the care of therapists and had been since he was eight years old. The cops actually interviewed the young man but didn’t detain him or refer him for psychiatric examination, which was possible under California law;. He also made a YouTube “manifesto” about women rejecting him, vowing “revenge” against them. Then, he murdered three housemates in their sleep with a knife and continued on his rampage, shooting from his car, killing three, then himself – with guns he purchased and owned legally.