Learning real-life feedlot nutrition.
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Boot camp. The expression conjures images of basic but intense, hands-on training. And that’s just what happens when 30 young men and women spend a week at the Feedlot Nutritionist Boot Camp in Amarillo, Texas, although in this case the trainees are university graduate students learning the real-life intricacies of cattle feedlot nutrition.

“We invite in 30 graduate students from throughout the U.S. who are studying feedlot nutrition for a week-long short course,” said Kansas State University associate professor, Chris Reinhardt of the training, this year to be held Aug. 4 to 8.

“Most of the instruction is provided by highly influential industry leaders – practicing veterinarians, feedlot nutritionists and industry professionals working in all levels of the U.S. feedlot industry,” said Reinhardt, who is organizing the event in conjunction with Mike Hubbert of New Mexico State University’s Clayton Livestock Research Center.