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Wholesale beef prices set new records this week. This morning, the boxed beef cutout value for choice carcasses was $246.07/cwt, up $5.26 from the previous Friday, up $48.55 from a year ago, and up $2.06 from the highest day prior to this week. The select cutout was $237.51/cwt on today’s morning report, up $4.23 from last week and up $50.25 from a year earlier.

Fed cattle prices were higher this week on light sales volume. Through Thursday, the 5-area average price for slaughter steers sold on a live weight basis was $151.35/cwt, up $2.31 from last week’s average, up $30.53 from a year ago, and within a dollar of the all-time record. The 5 area average dressed price for steers was $242.36/cwt, up $5.42 for the week and up $50.36 from the same week last year.