Here we go again.
Check it out:

Clark County, Nevada, Sheriff Doug Gillespie has been laying low for a while, letting things cool off. Public attention has turned to other things and away from Cliven Bundy, Harry Reid and the BLM mercenaries.

Gillespie recently emerged from the safe confines of his rock, proclaiming once again that Cliven Bundy must bear responsibility for the standoff earlier this year. It’s the same logic as charging those who are beaten by police with assaulting an officer.

Gillespie told the Las Vegas Review-Journal editorial board on Thursday that he had warned Bundy prior to the standoff in April that any protests had to be peaceful. Bundy was even provided enclosures in the desert called free speech zones, effectively speech-free zones in which he and his supporters could demonstrate as loud as they chose, without the risk of anybody hearing their grievances.