Heat stress for everyone is dangerous, cattle and animals included.
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For much of the country, this week has brought the first truly dangerous heat of the summer. As of late Monday, the USDA/NOAA forecast for Heat Stress in cattle projected “emergency” levels of heat and humidity across much of the middle of the country and parts of the Southwest for today, July 22.

The USDA/NOAA forecast maps for today show a huge area including most of Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and parts of neighboring states rated at the emergency level, the most severe rating. Another pocket of emergency-level heat covers parts of southern California and Arizona. Heat rated at the “danger” level, one category down from emergency, extend across much of the eastern half of the United States. The forecast indicates the heat wave will reach its peak today and temperatures will moderate somewhat as the week progresses, but some areas of extreme heat will persist, particularly in Texas, Arizona and southern California.