American Commitment, a national advocacy organization, is launching a hard-hitting campaign to expose ObamaCare architect Jonathan Gruber’s historic deception regarding the subsidies that were at the center of the recent Halbig decision.
Check it out:

“Jonathan Gruber and the other ObamaCare apologists’ dishonest attacks on conservatives who are asserting the lawful statutory right of states to opt out of Obamacare subsidies and penalties are shameful, willful, and disgusting,” said Phil Kerpen, president of American Commitment. “It was always crystal clear that subsidy eligibility required ‘residing in a state that established an exchange.’ Jonathan Gruber stated this fact unequivocally until after the Halbig decision posed a major threat to ObamaCare. His dishonest attempts to now depict this universally understood provision of the law as a mere ‘typo’ is disgraceful.”