Ah, the TSA.
Check it out:

The agency entrusted with the important job of ensuring that every airline passenger in the U.S. makes it to their destination in one piece has announced a new contest: they’ll give a cool $5,000 to the person with the best suggestion on how to improve the airport security line experience.

While the good people at Mashable had some pretty good ideas on improving the airport security experience (provide slippers, self-returning trays, etc.), here are a few other ideas to make the boarding process smoother.

1. Train all employees that the “District of Columbia” is a real place in the United States.

My colleague Matt Vespa wrote about the incredible story of TSA agents not understanding that the District of Columbia is a real place:

“At that point, I was a little confused, but then I realized what was going on,” he later told WFTV. “I said to him, ‘Do you not know what the District of Columbia is?’ After some back and forth, it became clear he didn’t.”

A better-educated stock of agents would likely improve waits.