Isn’t that the truth!
Check it out:

I realize the title of this post will be considered highly controversial, even outrageous, in some quarters. In all of the other quarters, it’s more of a “well, duh!” truism, the sort of banner Captain Obvious would march under at a rally. That’s a very interesting difference of perspective, isn’t it?

It’s not hard to imagine the insults hurled by those who disagree: How simplistic! Nativist! Racist! But none of those things are implied by the assertion that the first priority of the American government should be the needs of American citizens. Just for starters, one could point out that most of the other governments in the world are playing for their own teams, first and foremost. They view international gatherings as opportunities to shake Uncle Sam down, and while they might offer lip service to the joys of selfless planetary government, they never lose sight of their own objectives.