Seems like they are all alike aren’t they?
Check it out:

Calvin Tillman is the former mayor of DISH, Texas, a small town which for some reason insists that its name be spelled in all caps. Since moving on from local government (and making a name for himself by fighting the gas and oil industry) Calvin has settled in to a nice position on the board of directors at ShaleTest. (Which, coincidentally I’m sure, also is involved in going after the same industry.)

When Calvin was cutting his teeth in the lucrative industry of fighting fracking, he did so relying heavily on a study he commissioned on local water supplies done by Wolf Eagle Environmental, a testing firm. The problem with the study is that Wolf Eagle has established something of a track record… for fraud. Journalist and filmmaker Phelim McAleer (the producer of FrackNation, which everyone should watch) has been investigating both Tillman and Wolf Eagle for some time now. The items he has uncovered are truly eye opening.