Obamacare has largely been out of the news cycle for a couple of months, but that is about to change as we head towards the 2014 election. Here are some of the things we can expect to see in the news.
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Modest 2015 Rate Increases

The 2015 rate increases were largely modest. Does that prove Obamacare is sustainable? No. My previous prediction was for increases of 9.9 percent.

With almost no valid claims data yet and the “3Rs” Obamacare reinsurance program (risk adjustment, reinsurance, and risk corridors), insurers have little if any useful information on which to base 2015 rates, and the reinsurance program protects the carrier from losing money through 2016.

We won’t know what the real Obamacare rates will be until we see the 2017 rates––when there will be plenty of valid claim data and the Obamacare reinsurance program, now keeping rates low, will have ended.