The left insists that those who do not buy into its agenda regarding global warming are “deniers” – ignoramuses who refuse to acknowledge facts thanks to a political agenda. But when it comes to voter fraud, it is the left that lives in the realm of fantasy.
Check it out:

Rachel Maddow, the heavyweight over at the pseudointellectual sewage tank of MSNBC – complete with nerd glasses for everyone but Chris Matthews and Ed Schultz! – says that voter fraud doesn’t exist.

“The scourge of voter fraud,” Maddow writes at, “is largely imaginary.” Her source for this extraordinary claim: a study by Loyola University Law School professor Justin Levitt, who claimed that he had found just 31 instances of voter fraud out of “more than 1 billion ballots” cast. Of course, Levitt’s study looked only at in-person voter fraud. It didn’t look at absentee voting; in the 2010 midterms, 15.6 percent of all ballots cast were absentee. As Philip Bump of the Washington Post acknowledged, “there have been examples of fraud, including fraud perpetrated through the use of absentee ballots severe enough to force new elections at the state level.” And the study itself looked only at active legal investigations into voter fraud – a dubious measure, given the lackadaisical enforcement of voter fraud generally.