“I’m not here to defend torture” writes former CIA Director (2006 to 2009) Michael Hayden in today’s Telegraph.

And I have no intention of doing so either. But I can’t be the only one who finds something a little disturbing about the witch-hunt unanimity among our mainstream media – not just on the left but on the right too – that the US Senate Intelligence Committee report into the CIA’s use of torture against suspected terrorists constitutes, as the Mail put it on its front page, the Shaming of the West.

A shaming act, I’d say, would be hijacking airliners and flying their screaming passengers into office buildings with the deliberate intent of killing thousands of workers; or throwing acid into the faces of women for the crime of seeking an education; or raping, enslaving and beheading people just because they belong to the wrong religion; or kidnapping schoolgirls and selling them into slavery; or burning people alive in churches; or holding people prisoner, then decapitating them for the benefit of lushly produced propaganda videos; or blowing people up on buses and underground trains; or running over a soldier in the street and then hacking his head half off; or blasting the legs off onlookers at a marathon. The West has been guilty of none of these things. Nor would it dream of doing such things.