Interested in the way politicians can frame obvious losses as victories, and the way their fans now live in a sort of alternative universe.
Check this out:

Monday morning’s Washington Examiner editorial is the column I would have penned about what happened concerning Sens. Ted Cruz and Mike Lee this weekend — had I written about it first.

In case you missed the piece (or, for that matter, in case you have a life and missed the entire ugly incident on Friday night) here’s an excerpt that explains what happened:

“Cruz and Lee derailed a bipartisan agreement on procedure Friday night. Their actions removed the only major obstacle to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., confirming several minor Obama nominations that Republicans strongly opposed. Because Republicans lacked the votes to block the nominations in question, their best and only leverage was to insist on the use of all debate time, running out the clock on the lame duck Congress. It seemed likely that Democratic senators would not tolerate losing their Christmas just so that Obama could get his surgeon general confirmed.