Will be used as a meeting place for the Bloomberg anti-gun crowd.
Check it out:

Congress approved transforming the former Colt Factory in Hartford into a National Park — the first in Connecticut, a state that recently passed some of the nation’s toughest gun laws — in order to boost the economy in one of the city’s poorest neighborhoods and honor the revolver as a marvel of manufacturing, but the dedication notably lacks support from the historic company itself and industry groups.

The move marks the end of a decade-long campaign by state lawmakers to convert the 260-acre Coltsville reservation, established by firearms inventor Samuel Colt in 1855 to produce his signature revolvers, into a federal park. The measure was folded into the $577 billion Congressional defense package passed on Capitol Hill earlier this month. As part of the mammoth bill, 14 National Parks like the Coltsville site were either authorized or, in the case of the Gettysburg and Vicksburg National Military Parks, expanded.