As the New Year begins, it behooves those who love America to embrace a new resolve, a resolve to once again proclaim their love of their land and their determination to defeat those within its borders seeking to destroy it.
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The chief philosophical strategy of those who desire America’s destruction is to engender shame in Americans for their heritage. The singular contradiction of their attack lies in the fact that they have no shame themselves.

Witness the lack of shame of a president who routinely implies that the country he was elected to lead harbors a pervasive racism, a president who has publicly apologized for American actions to nations not worthy of shining America’s shoes, a president who has championed legal acts that endanger the Judeo-Christian ethic while ignoring the fundamental contribution of that ethic to the laws binding the nation together, a president who has, in his career, exhibited no shame as he contributed to the continued genocide against the unborn children of the land.