Unfortunately the media pounces on everything with no thoughts to the victims.
Check it out:

The day after an Idaho toddler found a gun in his mother’s purse in a Wal-Mart checkout line and accidentally shot and killed her, the toddler’s grandpa is telling gun control groups to quit grandstanding on the tragedy and quit using the accident to push gun control.

Veronica Rutledge’s father-in-law, Terry Rutledge, described the shooting as “a terrible, terrible accident” and is outraged that gun control groups are treating it as an opportunity.

According to The Washington Post, Rutledge said his daughter-in-law received a concealed carry purse for Christmas—a purse with a special zippered pocket in which you could hide your handgun. He said, “An inquisitive 2-year-old reached into the purse, unzipped the compartment, found the gun and shot his mother in the head.”

He said his son, who gave Rutledge the purse, “is terrible” right now. “He has a two-year old boy right now who doesn’t know where his mom is and he’ll have to explain why she isn’t coming home.”