No surprise here.

Last night during President Obama’s State of the Union Address, he had a woman sit with his wife that he claimed to be a shining example of our economic recovery, the only problem is that he didn’t tell everyone the whole story.

According to the FreeBeacon, Rebekah Erler was presented by the White House as a woman Obama discovered after she wrote him a letter explaining her economic hardships. Her story, Obama says, is proof positive that Americans are coming forward about their stories of how his policies are helping them.

Sounds all butterflies and rainbows, right? Wrong.

See, there’s a slight issue with Mrs. Erler’s story. It’s not that she may not have pulled out of a tough time, and it’s not that she didn’t tell Obama that his policies are working, it’s that her credibility is completely lost when we find out she’s a former Democrat operative who worked for a Washington Senator, Democrat Patty Murray.

Worse yet, this wasn’t the first time that Obama used the former Democrat campaign staffer during one of his speeches for a political prop. You mad yet?