New York Times report enough said…
Check it out:

There has been pushback against allegations of animal abuse at USDA’s Nebraska research center. But the issue isn’t about parsing details, it’s about the black eye industry is sporting.

A recent column criticizing the outcomes of some of the research in livestock production and breeding that allegedly took place at USDA’s Meat Animal Research in Clay Center, Neb., facility prompted a reply from a well-placed source: The former director of the center, Dr. Mohammad Koohmaraie.

Dr. Koohmaraie wrote, “Many of us were surprised to see you believe the New York Times article and double down without any investigation (see, “A scandal in Nebraska”). The Times is a very biased report, speaking to past disgruntled employees. If the vet quoted in the article was all that concerned about animal well-being, why did he observe [the incidents] for so long and did nothing about it?”