If anything (aside from substance) was missing from President Obama’s SOTU address on Tuesday evening, it was any considerable discussion of Obamacare. Since the president first stepped foot in the Oval Office, health care is almost all the public heard about. Until, of course, the 2010 elections became a referendum on the issue, showing just how widely unpopular Obamacare actually is. Even though Obama refused to believe it, analysts, advisers and even Democratic pollster, Pat Caddell, argued that though the economy was important, it was healthcare that was ultimately the decisive factor in the defeat of 63 House Democrats. But now, the mere 44 words devoted to the issue in the SOTU seems more like a strategy of silence, and it is.

With the Supreme Court hearing on the constitutionality of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) just around the corner, the wheels are turning once again to remind the American public about the truth behind Obamacare — just what the administration wants you to forget. On Thursday, The Heritage Foundation’ held an event in DC that served as a potent reminder for what’s in store for Americans as 2014 nears. The panel, consisting of Sally C. Pipes, Michael D. Tanner and Grace-Marie Turner shared key facts and insights about PPACA and how it will fundamentally transform our lives, for the worse, if it is not repealed and replaced. Here are some important (and frightening) aspects of Obamacare the panel shared: