Makes you wonder if anything he said was ever true.
Check it out:

Now that everything he has ever said about anything will be under scrutiny for a very long time, there is a lot out there. As of now, though, it is Brian Williams’ Tales from Katrina that are receiving an extra level of scrutiny. And they are not holding up very well. Witnesses are calling Williams’ Katrina stories of close calls at the five-star Ritz-Carlton Hotel “crazy.”

Williams told “The Great Deluge” author Douglas Brinkley that “armed gangs had broken into the 527-room hotel, brandishing guns and terrorizing guests.” Williams claims that at the time he was lying helpless on a mattress in a stairwell delirious with dysentery. He finally summoned the strength to escape, and after wading through two feet of water he made it through the front door of the hotel. Outside, things just got worse. Williams says he was confronted by a street gang trying to steal his car. A National Guardsman appeared just in time.

That is the stuff of action movies. The problem is that witnesses who were there say it didn’t happen.