Goats are great weed-eaters!
Check it out:

According to anti-industry activists, there is virtually nothing that’s considered ‘acceptable use’ when it comes to animals. But now, thanks to Amazon, an exception may have surfaced.

Goats are unique animals. As livestock, they’re remarkably hardy, self-reliant and disease-free. I know — I owned a couple dairy goats, a Nubian cross and an Alpine mix, back in the good old days when I lived on a rented five-acre “farm” outside Eugene, Oregon, that was a parcel sectioned off from one of the original 1880s homesteading plots offered to settlers in the Willamette Valley. In fact, a man-made slough ran through the property that originally served as an irrigation ditch carrying water from the nearby McKenzie River to the actual farms that once blanketed the area.