Automatic citizenship fight….

Republican presidential candidates are jostling to stake out positions on birthright citizenship and “anchor babies” as immigration takes center stage in the 2016 primary race.

The issue highlights the fine line Republicans seek to walk in pleasing hard-line conservatives in the primary without alienating swing voters in the general election.

At issue is the phrase “anchor baby,” meant to describe the children of non-U.S. citizens born within America’s borders and thus immediately given citizenship.

Federal law dictates that those children can sponsor their parents for nationalization once they turn 21 — allowing entire families of undocumented immigrants to potentially become fully-fledged Americans.

Some feel the term “anchor baby” is offensive and a distraction from the humanity of the millions struggling as undocumented migrants.

But critics of birthright citizenship say they are unconcerned about political correctness as they push for strong action against a policy they believe encourages illegal immigration.

Donald Trump ignited debate by releasing his official immigration policies last weekend.

Trump, the front-runner for next year’s GOP presidential nomination, called for ending birthright citizenship entirely in his campaign’s platform.