Destroying from within…..

A top police official has issued a stark warning about President Barack Obama’s recent presidential pardons: America will pay “with blood and tears.”

Obama pardoned 46 prisoners last month, forgiving a slew of drug and weapons charges. Jon Adler, National President of the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association, recently published a scathing editorial in Police Magazine lambasting the decision.

Adler argues that drug trafficking by its very nature is a violent enterprise, from overdoses to crimes committed to pay for drug addictions to territorial battles between dealers.

“So how would the president resolve an over-crowding problem at a zoo?” Adler writes. “With limited space, rising labor, and lodging costs, which animals would the president let go? Using the president’s methodology, the lions would likely be set free. Why? They eat the most food and therefore cost the most to maintain. During the 10 years of their captivity, they haven’t eaten anyone or attacked their handlers. They have no known affiliation to any violent lion groups. They are totally safe to release into the public.”