Take your turn and be called on sir…..

Donald Trump’s war with Univision continued Tuesday when he had an anchor from the Spanish-language network removed after the presidential candidate was heckled at a press conference.

Univision Communications Inc’s Jorge Ramos was in attendance when Trump began addressing reporters in Dubuque, Iowa, and he tried to ask a question the Republican felt was out of order.

Trump told the Mexican-American journalist: ‘Sit down, you weren’t called. Go back to Univision.’

he Miami-based anchor was trying to ask Trump about his immigration proposal, which includes ending automatic citizenship for infants born in the United States to parents in the country ilegally.

As one of Trump’s security detail approached Ramos, the anchor continued to speak, saying, ‘You cannot deport 11million people.’

Ramos was referring to Trump’s proposal to deport all people in the country illegally before allowing some of them to return.

As he was taken from the room, Ramos said, ‘You cannot build a 1,900-mile wall,’ another proposal in Trump’s plan.

After he was gone, Trump was asked about the incident.

He said: ‘I don’t know. I don’t really know much about him.

‘I don’t believe I’ve ever met him, except he started screaming.

‘I didn’t escort him out. You’ll have to talk to security.

‘Whoever security is escorted him out.

‘Certainly he was not [chosen], He just stands up and starts screaming, so maybe he’s at fault.’