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One presidential candidate outlined his vision for rural America – including changing the role of the EPA – during RFD-TV News’ new Rural Town Hall series, a one-hour, town hall-style forum airing in more than 50 million homes across the country.

The closed production taping featured pre-selected questions solicited from key agricultural organizations, publications and viewers, according to an RFD-TV News press release.

Presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson fielded questions concerning rural youths, education, biotechnology, food labeling, vegetarianism, the death tax, renewable fuels, agricultural subsidies, health care, social security, broadband, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), energy sources, pollinator health, federal farm programs, the rural workforce and immigration.

The Rural Town Hall presidential candidate series continues with U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-South Carolina, 10 p.m. EDT Thursday. The forums will focus on rural American issues in advance of the 2016 presidential election, and all presidential candidates are expected to participate in the coming weeks, RFD-TV News representatives said.

During the forum, Carson talked about the EPA’s Clean Water Rule and the attributes he would look for in appointing a new EPA administrator.

“Certainly I would look for somebody who had some common sense. The EPA is an important organization, but they have been used for the wrong purpose and used to suppress the development of energy and other resources,” Carson said. “I would really change the role of the EPA from suppressing the development of our resources to working with business, industry and academia to find the cleanest, most environmentally friendly ways to do things.

“We want to pass things on to the next generation in at least as good of shape as we got them, he said. “But that doesn’t mean using environmental issues to inappropriately punish the people who are developing resources that are critical to our existence.”