Not sure there is a reason, Iran is not going to follow any deal anyway….

Republicans intend to hammer Senate Democrats next month if they do not allow an up-or-down vote on a measure disapproving President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran.

Democrats appear close to having enough support for the deal to bottle up the disapproval measure with procedural motions. If Republicans vote in a united bloc, they would need the support of six Democrats to break a filibuster, but only two Democrats have broken ranks so far.

If the resolution is filibustered, it would be a major victory for the White House, which wouldn’t have to use President Obama’s veto pen to protect the Iran deal.

Opponents of the agreement, however, believe Senate Democrats will pay a political cost.

“Democrats will be setting themselves up for a further political hit if they deny the people the opportunity —the people meaning members of Congress — to vote on it,” said Allen Roth, the president of the hawkish Secure America Now, which is staunchly opposed to the agreement.

“I think it’ll be handing a political gift to the Republicans.”

Republicans have already begun to make their case.

Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) called it “stunning” that Democratic Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) could push to filibuster the bill in an interview with theAssociated Press this week.

A vote to cut off debate would be hypocritical, Corker argued, after the Senate voted 98-1 earlier this year to allow it to review the agreement.