Some legacy, destroying America not Arctic drilling….

President Obama will visit Alaska on Tuesday in the midst of a fight with environmental groups, who arguing he is putting his climate legacy is at risk by allowing Royal Dutch Shell to drill for oil in the Arctic waters off the state’s northern coast.

Obama is going to Alaska to inspect the effects of climate change on one of the nation’s most vulnerable ecosystems.

In the final quarter of his presidency, Obama intends to use the dramatic backdrop to highlight his administration’s efforts to combat global warming — an issue he’s looked to address through broad and controversial new regulations and international accords.

It’s a legacy Obama has done much to burnish in his second term, but one green groups argue will be jeopardized by the new Alaska drilling.

One group — Credo Action — has launched a website highlighting Obama’s trip, and warning it threatens to become his “Mission Accomplished” moment.

“President Obama is heading on a trip to Alaska to talk about climate change,” the group says on its website. “There is no clearer symbol of the self-defeating hypocrisy of his policies on energy and climate.”

Environmental groups hope to use Obama’s visit to pressure him over the drilling permit, something Obama himself moved to defend this weekend.

“I know there are Americans who are concerned about oil companies drilling in environmentally sensitive waters. Some are also concerned with my administration’s decision to approve Shell’s application to drill a well off the Alaskan coast, using leases they purchased before I took office,” Obama said in his weekly address.