Everyone eligible should vote…only once

In a speech at the National Press Club on Wednesday, South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley said voter ID laws are not racist and that states should “figure out ways to make it easy and cost-free for every eligible voter to obtain a photo ID.”

“Requiring people to show a photo ID before they vote is a reasonable measure. It is not racist,” said Haley. “If everyone was willing to stop shouting and stop trying to score race-baiting political points, we could reach common ground. I want everyone who is eligible to vote, to vote.”

When Haley spoke about the Charleston church shooting, she described how Rev. Al Sharpton spoke at one of the funerals for the victims and criticized Haley, saying that the only time Haley would have seen him was through her office window when he was outside leading a protest.

When it was Haley’s turn to speak, she said, she addressed Sharpton and said, “If you were protesting outside of my office, and if you would have come inside and held out your hand, I would have hugged you.”

“Communication has to flow both ways. One of the lessons of the flag controversy is that we stop shouting and we start listening. We get more accomplished. We should all listen to each other more. We will all benefit from walking in each other’s shoes,” she said.

Haley cited voter ID laws as “a good example” of how everyone can “benefit from walking in each other’s shoes.”

“A good example in the civil rights arena is in voter ID laws. There are those who act as if any effort whatsoever to maintain the integrity of the voting process is a racist attack against civil rights. Well that’s just not true. Requiring people to show a photo ID before they vote is a reasonable measure,” Haley said in a speech on economic and social changes in the South.