Just doing his job……

Bodyguard Keith Schiller gives new meaning to being Donald Trump’s right-hand man.

The towering head of Trump’s personal security team got off a spinning right cross to the head of a protester outside Trump Tower on Thursday in a scuffle that’s become the latest flash point in the slugfest between Latinos and the billionaire presidential candidate.

The melee, caught on camera, led to news coverage of the emotional fallout of Trump’s comments about Mexican immigrants. But the incident also revealed a reality of U.S. presidential campaigns: Candidates are largely responsible for their own protection at this early stage in the election cycle.

Schiller has become the face, and knuckles, of that reality. Two weeks ago, Schiller stepped between his boss and Univision anchor Jorge Ramos during a news conference and physically ejected the influential journalist after Trump grew irritated by Ramos’s questioning.

The tactics of Trump’s team have begun to draw scrutiny among the professionals who, if the brash New Yorker continues to lead the GOP field, could take over his security detail in a few months.

“The Secret Service would not operate that way,” Ralph Basham, who oversaw the federal protective agency from 2003 to 2006, said of the fisticuffs outside Trump Tower. “They’re not a bunch of jackbooted thugs.”

Trump aides took exception to suggestions that his team was to blame. A campaign spokesperson said that the protesters “were harassing people on the street” and that a Trump security guard was “jumped from behind.”

The guard reacted “only after first being attacked from behind and assaulted,” said the campaign spokesperson, who was not authorized to speak on the record. “The authorities were contacted immediately, a complaint was filed and we will be pursuing legal action against this individual.”